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Casting / Content Call

Thank you for showing interest in being part of our new documentary series. Due to the uncertain situation we are in with Covid-19, the audition process will done online and in a way that will give applicants more of a chance to be featured.

Until we are able to get back into the studio on a regular basis we will be asking you to record your auditions. We will be taking a selection of these recordings to use as social media content to tease the launch of the series.

PLEASE NOTE: If you submit an audition video and are successful part of your audition may be used in the series.

From these auditions we will be selecting a large group to appear in as recurring talent.


bring laughs, heart, wild stories, authenticity, 

The project goals is to

Our last three series had had the following impact


Every Day Strangers - Viral Humanity Series:

- Aired nationally on SBS & VICELAND.

- Reached over 10 million people online.



We Are Men - Local Male Mental Health Series:

- Aired nationally ABC

- Reached over 5 million people online.

SBS Insight


Be close to your phone or use a lapel mic to ensure clear audio

If possible use a phone stand /tripod / books on a table to keep your phone steady

Frame yourself in the centre of the screen taking up most of the frame (see below)

Ensure the light source (sun/ room light / ring light) is in front of you so your face is nice and bright.

Film against a solid colour wall (if possible white)

Some examples below

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