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Our Story

Our team is changing the way online video is created.


We are a small crew of curious, creative, ethical filmmakers

who find the humanity in every story.


Who are we? (The Short Version)


We are a tight team or filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and marketing peeps. Having travelled and filmed in over 35 countries, we know how to keep crews small, robust and innovative. Projects that seem incomprehensibly ambitious are where we thrive. 

With a documentary background and the unique and world record breaking experience of crafting 365 short stories in 365 days under our belt, we are the storytelling experts. It's what we do, it’s what we love. We focus on your end goal to ensure every piece of content we create works towards that goal in the most powerful way.


We believe that sharing stories can change the world and we’d love to help you tell yours.

In the beginning...


Docobites began as a viral humanity project, bringing people from 145+ countries together through storytelling. 


Several years ago we (Epiphany & Carl) had the ambitious goal of using our filmmaking skills to make a positive change. After honing our craft in the commercial video and TV world in Sydney, we decided it was time to leave our mark and had the impossible idea to film 365 short films about 365 strangers in 365 days while travelling the world. 


We left Sydney with a backpack, camera bag, funds to cover only 3 months of travelling and high hopes.


We started the journey in New York and within two weeks our stomachs dropped as we realised what we had gotten ourselves into. 

Double down?


We had to make a call, give up and return home with our tails between our legs or double down and find a way to make it work. After a long discussion on a cold snowy day in Montreal (our second stop) we decided to focus on the reason we embarked on this totally mad project to begin with. We wanted to spread a message of compassion by showing that no matter where in the world you live, deep down we really are all the same, our humanity connects us all. We wanted to say, “You’re not alone, we’re in this together.” Using this as our motivation, we pushed on.


What followed was an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience that changed the way we approached filmmaking and pretty much everything we do in our lives. We had to develop new and creative methods of filmmaking in order to produce content at such a high speed and quality. These new methods flew in the face of traditional content creation and allowed us to create piles of meaningful content that engaged our community online by cultivating connection and celebrating humanity. 

We did it...


Over the next 12 months we made a film every single day, putting our new content creation methods to the ultimate test. We made video content easier, faster and with more impact. We raised over 300K in funding, from sponsorships to influencer collaborations and crowdfunding. We travelled to 36 countries and 72 cities, created films that reached over 3 million people in over 145 countries and broke the Guinness World Record for ‘Most Short Films Produced by a Filmmaker’ (a record we still hold today). After returning home we partnered with SBS and distributed all of the 365 films nationally on the SBS2 and VICELAND networks.

GWR 5.jpg

And now...


Since our series aired in 2014, Docobites has developed into a niche video agency. We combine our unique skills and experience in documentary filmmaking with our entrepreneurial and marketing background to help global brands engage with their audiences through authentic and strategic visual content.

Video Simplified


Our expertise is working with clients to create ongoing video content, expanding their impact and influence online. Whether our clients work with us to create content or use our content accelerator to produce their own content in-house we ensure a smooth and straightforward process that is focused on results. 


One-off stories


We have had the privilege of working with some stellar clients sharing important one-off pieces of content. From Hilton Hotels to Bupa, we love leading our unique skill set to commercial work and watching it ignite genuine relationships with consumers.


Video Series


Working with clients to create doco-style series has also been a real treat. P&O Cruises, Intrepid Travel, Mirvac, Solahart and Radio Rentals have all taken advantage of our niche expertise. Whether it's our customer story series, marketing campaign videos or doco-style series, these projects have provided more value for our clients. By releasing regular content that is consistent in style and theme, we’ve helped our clients stay at the forefront of their consumer's minds, building trust and reliability.


We are the Story Experts


While we were travelling, we’d walk up to complete strangers and ask whether they would allow us to interview them, 9 times out of 10 the person would say, “Sure, but I don’t have anything interesting to say.” We can honestly say, there was not one person we met that didn’t have a story worth listening to. A story that could inspire, empower or connect people to one another. This is why we are storytellers, to spark the humanity in us all.


Thanks for reading a little of our story, we look forward to working with you. 


Epiphany & Carl

Founders, Docobites



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