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Our Story

Our team is changing the way online video is created.


We are a small crew of curious, creative, ethical filmmakers

who find the humanity in every story.


Who are we? 


We are a tight team or filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and marketing peeps. Having travelled and filmed in over 35 countries, we know how to keep crews small, robust and innovative. Projects that seem incomprehensibly ambitious are where we thrive. 

With a documentary background and the unique and world record breaking experience of crafting 365 short stories in 365 days under our belt, we are the storytelling experts. It's what we do, it’s what we love. We focus on your end goal to ensure every piece of content we create works towards that goal in the most powerful way.


We believe that sharing stories can change the world and we’d love to help you tell yours.

Video Simplified


Our expertise is working with clients to create ongoing video content, expanding their impact and influence online. Whether our clients work with us to create content or use our content accelerator to produce their own content in-house we ensure a smooth and straightforward process that is focused on results. 


One-off stories


We have had the privilege of working with some stellar clients sharing important one-off pieces of content. From Hilton Hotels to Bupa, we love leading our unique skill set to commercial work and watching it ignite genuine relationships with consumers.


Video Series


Working with clients to create doco-style series has also been a real treat. P&O Cruises, Intrepid Travel, Mirvac, Solahart and Radio Rentals have all taken advantage of our niche expertise. Whether it's our customer story series, marketing campaign videos or doco-style series, these projects have provided more value for our clients. By releasing regular content that is consistent in style and theme, we’ve helped our clients stay at the forefront of their consumer's minds, building trust and reliability.


Creative & Story Development

Crafting compelling stories is our forte. We specialize in taking concepts and molding them into narratives that truly resonate. Our team excels at transforming ideas into impactful, relatable stories that stick. It's all about making that lasting connection with the audience, bringing ideas to life in a way that genuinely speaks to people.

Epiphany & Carl

Founders, Docobites


In a project that began as a personal journey, but turned into one for their audience, the couple spanned 30 countries across six continents...


How often do you get a window into the lives of people really different from you — people scattered around the world? 

Inside Film

Epiphany Morgan and Carl Mason are four months into their incredible and astounding documentary series 365 docobites...

Daily Telegraph

One year, five continents, and 365 stories from around the world. Welcome to the world of Epiphany Morgan and Carl Mason...

Making Headlines

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