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More Video Content For Less Spend

Our content accelerator changes the way you produce videos, allowing you to create more content to connect with your community. We will set you up to easily film your own videos in-house, no longer letting budgets or a lack of know-how define how much content you can create.

How it Works

The online world is changing and the need now is for both quality & quantity. Releasing regular, engaging content is how you grow, create impact, build trust and cultivate strong relationships with your community.

Whether you're creating social media videos, training videos, announcement videos, coaching videos, thought leader videos or marketing content, we've made the process a breeze. Instead of paying thousands for each video, take control of your impact and have access to unlimited video content.

The Process >>


We provide you with professional and easy to use video equipment, plus our handy equipment cheat-sheets.


In a 1-day training we show you how to use the equipment to shoot all of your content in-house.


Your team now has the freedom to film content wherever, whenever about whatever they like!


You edit it (we'll teach you how to do this in the training) or we can edit it for you (with our editing subscription service)! 


Share your videos with ongoing support & 

guidance from our team

 - we've got your back.

Simple Pricing

We like to keep things simple so you know exactly what you are getting. We have a range of packages and content solutions to suit all types and sizes of business. Check out our two base packages below or get in touch and we can chat about building you a tailored content solution.


(We edit your videos)



per month

  • All of Your Videos Edited

  • Pro Video Equipment Package

  • Our 1-Day Video Training Session

  • Equipment Guides & Cheat Sheets

  • Graphics & Branding Package

  • Data Management & Storage

  • Ongoing Email Support


(You take the wheel)

Get In Touch

to find the right package

  • Video Production & Editing In-house

  • Pro Video Equipment Package

  • Our 1-Day Video Training Session

  • Equipment Guides & Cheat Sheets

  • Graphics & Branding Package

  • 1 Month of Video Reviews

  • 3 Months of Zoom & Email Support

*All prices are in AUD. Subscriptions are on a 12-month basis.

Are You Ready To Amplify

Your Video Strategy?

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